Song Of The Week: “January 16”

Song Of The Week: "January 16" featuring Ricki Wegner and Matt Blaque

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Music and lyrics: David Vargas
Featuring: Ricki Wegner (vocals), Matt Blaque (vocals), Stan Muncy (vibes)
Rhythm: Mark Rickey (keyboards), Charlie Channel (bass), Collette d’Almeida (drums), Stan Muncy (percussion)

What They’re Saying…
A tribute to a beloved mother and grandmother, Jesusa Estrada Cerezo. Ironically the only track where the Bossa beat is almost hidden, this is the most Pop sounding and modern track on the album. Could be easily placed within the 70s and 80s R n’ B and Pop Soul of these eras’ superstars. Lovely end to an intriguing album.

Andrew Goodwin
New Music Ear

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