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January 16

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What They’re Saying

“The second album by 510JAZZ is a mix of modern, contemporary Jazz and Bossa elements interspersed with aspects of Hip Hop, R n’ B, Soul and musical cabaret styles… amazingly diverse… An uplifting, positive album brimming with confidence boosts and filling your mind with images of good feeling.”
Andrew Goodwin, New Music Ear
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About “January 16”

The new album from 510JAZZ, released on February 12, 2018.  John and David Vargas composed 16 new original songs.  David dedicates this album to his grandmother Jesusa Estrada Cerezo with the title track “January 16” –  a fitting tribute to an angel in our lives.

January 16 - the new album from 510JAZZ

Our new album contains a wide array of stories that take the listener on a journey from sweet love ballads to fast-paced tales of world travel, to dark social reflections and songs that inspire faith.  John’s writing was inspired by composers Antonio Carlos Jobim, Ivan Lins and Celso Fonseca.  This project pays homage to legendary producers Sergio Mendes and Quincy Jones.

Talented Bay Area Musicians

Building a solid rhythm foundation, 510JAZZ recruited Mark Rickey (piano) and Tony Song (guitar).  Adding melodic drummer Collette d’Almeida and bassist Charlie Channel – 510JAZZ now had the perfect foundation needed to produce groundbreaking new songs.

Horns were arranged by Tom Povse (flute), featuring John Lewis (tenor sax) and Gil Cohen (trumpet and flugelhorn).

Stan Muncy arranged strings, with our quartet featuring Emily Onderdonk (viola), Lewis Patzner (cello), Mads Tolling (violin) and Matthew Szemela (violin).  Stan Muncy also performs on vibes and latin percussion.

“January 16” also features a rich variety of vocal talent including Nikki Rey, Mr Mego, Nik-Nak, Oshra Sedan, Matt Blaque, Ricki Wegner, Maya Victoria, Nick Neira and Kristen Nicole.

Jay Midnight is featured DJ on two songs.

The Making Of “January 16”

Get a behind-the-scenes view of our new music by viewing videos in our “New Music from 510JAZZ” channel.  These videos show eleven of our 2017 recording sessions at 4Play Studios in Fremont, CA.  Videos also include producer interviews with John and David Vargas.


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About “Bossa510”

The debut album from 510JAZZ, released on December 22, 2015.  This album is the result of combining 60s era Brazilian Bossa Nova – and a new wave of Bay Area Jazz. The result is Bossa from the East Bay – “Bossa510”.

Bossa510 - from 510JAZZ

Listen to Bossa510 on Spotify

You can hear all 16 songs from our Spotify player below.  Follow 510JAZZ to receive regular updates on new music and events…

Featured Musicians

On our debut album, our rhythm section features Mark Rickey (piano), Tony Song (guitar), Ed Lee (guitar), Ravi Jayasinghe (bass), Sam Brignon (drums), Chris Koraltan (drums) and David Stockman (congas).

Our horn section features Tom Povse (flute), Esther Berndt (alto sax) and Randy Merrill (trumpet and flugelhorn).

“Bossa510” also features a rich variety of vocal talent including John Vargas, D-Varg, Nikki Rey, Oshra Sedan and Jamillions.

Featured Song Videos

Visit our 510JAZZ YouTube page and view full-length song videos in our “Shows” channel.