Live Show On KPFA 94.1 FM

510JAZZ Live Show at KPFA Radio
510JAZZ was honored to perform at KPFA Studio Club 94, in their monthly show B.A.J.A.B.A. Showcase. We’d like to thank show host James Jeffley, Executive Producer Afrikahn Jahmal Dayvs and visiting host Poetess Kalamu Chaché.

Miss our live broadcast at KPFA 94.1FM on August 5? Not to worry. Hear the entire recorded show on KPFA’s Web site.

FENIX Supper Club

510JAZZ hosted their “A Taste Of Jobim” show at the FENIX Supper Club in San Rafael, Sunday, October 16.  The third in our series of tribute shows to Tom Jobim.  FENIX is an amazing venue with superb acoustics, beautiful lighting – coupled with a restaurant serving 5-star dinner, desserts and drinks.  See Facebook promotion image.

Belmont Library

510JAZZ hosted their “A Taste Of Jobim” show at the Belmont Library in Belmont, Sunday, June 12.  The second in our series of tribute shows to the amazing composer – Antonio Carlos Jobim.  An intimate show in a beautiful setting.  See Facebook promotion image.

KCTY 107.7 FM, Long Beach, CA

KCTY 107.7 FMDJ Smooth played our entire “Bossa510”album on his show Smooth Sounds.  Here’s a quote from DJ Smooth…

…This group has managed to cross R&B and hiphop into the Smooth Jazz realm.  They’ve done a wonderful job of expressing the sound of romance.  The vocals on this CD are absolutely incredible…

Oasis Palace

A Taste Of Jobim510JAZZ hosted their “A Taste Of Jobim” show at Oasis Palace in Newark, Thursday, April 14 at 7-10PM.  The first of our composer tribute shows – we focused on the incredible works of Brazil’s most beloved composer – Antonio Carlos Jobim.  A great show, wonderful audience, delicious dinner and drinks.  See Facebook promotion image.

KPOV 88.9 FM Bend, OR

DJ Tirebiter played our song “Maui Moon” his show Tirebiter Tunes.  Tirebiter had this to say…

…Their music is a blend of bossa nova, jazz, R&B, hiphop, soul and blues…  it’s some very good stuff…