Three Little Words


This song is a fun, fast-paced view of times spent with that special someone.  These moments are accentuated by those unforgettable three little words.

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A cute, quirky and sweet melodic ballad about two new sweethearts in love.  Maya Victoria and Matt Blaque provide the duet while D-Varg adds some Rap to give it a Trip Hop feel.  Reminds me a lot of some 80s R n’ B/Soul songs.  It has the most Pop feel than some of the other tracks.  It’s modern and a radio friendly hit for sure.

This song features vocalists Maya Victoria and Matt Blaque along with rapper D-Varg. The rhythm section is comprised of Stan Muncy (vibes), Tony Song (guitar), Mark Rickey (piano), Marty Honda (bass) and Poh Soon Teng (drums).

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