Song Of The Week: “San Juan Island Sunset”

Song Of The Week: "San Juan Island Sunset" featuring Oshra Sedan

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Music and lyrics: John Vargas
Featuring: Oshra Sedan (vocals), Tom Povse (flute), Gil Cohen (flugelhorn)
Strings: Matthew Szemela (violin), Mads Tolling (violin), Emily Onderdonk (viola) and Lewis Patzner (cello); Strings arranged by Stan Muncy
Rhythm: Mark Rickey (keyboards), Tony Song (guitar), Charlie Channel (bass), Collette d’Almeida (drums), Stan Muncy (percussion); Horns arranged by Tom Povse

What They’re Saying…
A real Latin-influenced Jazz track. Brings up images of sitting on a beach with not a care in the world, not only just brought up by the title of the track. The horns and strings make this a happy little track that gives you a good feeling of well being.

Andrew Goodwin
New Music Ear

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