“Called To The Sea” – Our New Single

We’re very excited to release our newest original song “Called To The Sea”.

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“Called To The Sea” is a Bossa Nova ballad which explores the allure of open waters. The salty air and hypnotic crashing waves have long called many to this unique environment. This song reflects the beauty of our natural surroundings and the experience of being “Called To The Sea”.

You’ll enjoy stellar performances from vocalist Oshra Sedan and Berkeley Symphony violinist Matthew Szemela.  Our 510JAZZ rhythm section is comprised of Tony Song (guitar), Mark Rickey (piano), Marty Honda (bass) and Poh Soon Teng (drums).

Composed by the songwriting duo of John Vargas and David Vargas, this song features strings arranged by Stan Muncy.

Our new single was produced and engineered by David Vargas with executive producer John Vargas at 4Play Studios in Fremont, CA.  Our new single was mastered by Grammy-nominated engineer Shawn Hatfield at Audible Oddities, San Francisco, CA.