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Hummingbird Of Springtime

August 1, 2020

Hummingbird Of Springtime - Song Of The Week, August 1, 2020

Song Review
…A beautiful, mellow ballad. Oshra Sedan’s vocals are lush and pure and lift the seasonal Spring feeling to even bigger heights. The strings give an almost bird song melody, which is perfect as the song is about a visiting Hummingbird to a garden. The rhythm is nice and slightly upbeat, giving an almost Ska or Reggae hint on the Jazz feel.
Andrew Goodwin, NEW MUSIC EAR
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Oshra Sedan

Featured Musicians
“Hummingbird Of Springtime” features vocalist Oshra Sedan accompanied by Matthew Szemela on violin.  Also featured are Tony Song (guitar), Mark Rickey (piano), Marty Honda (bass), Poh Soon Teng (drums) and Jenny Ball (latin percussion).

Composer’s Notes: Why A Hummingbird?
When we launched our 2018 album “January 16”, after a month of music launch activities, it was time for new music.  David and I had decided to produce an album entirely comprised of the Bossa Nova music that we love so much.  So from that point on, I spent a lot of time in the little music room located in our backyard.  I realized that some of my favorite Bossa Nova songs from the masters, spoke of the beauty of nature.  From the music room, we had a small glimpse of nature through the fruit treees and vegetable planters in our backyard.

It was March and we were in the middle of the rainy season here in the Bay Area of California.   We’d soon be seeing lots of greenery and blossoms.  As our compositions developed rhythm, melody and lyrics, I saw through the window new blossoms unfolding.  How interesting that the birth of a new song can be like the blooming of a flower.  It was then that I noticed the industrious Hummingbirds fltting around.  They have a special beauty all their own, with their irridescent plumage, their graceful hovering around the blossoms, and how in a split-second they are gone.

I realized later that I would be seeing less and less of them, learning that although they are incredibly small, the Hummingbird is a migratory bird.  I was fascinated that our California Hummingbird will later migrate all the way to Central America, to find warmer weather and new blossoms.  I knew that I would miss seeing them during the Fall and Winter, but like so many things in life, Sprigntime brings hope of new life, new beginnings.  The Hummingbird Of Springtime is a symbol of that.

John Vargas, Composer
510JAZZ / 4Play Records, Inc.