Summer Rain


This song is an upbeat Bossa Nova cruise through the tropics. Weather forecast calls for gentle downpours and sporadic raindrops. Inspiration hearkens from those stormy days in Paradise.

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A bouncy, moderately upbeat track about the enjoyment and feelings of a thundery rainfall in the Summer season.  Pure, easy going Jazz with an uplift.  Anna Konstantopoulos gives a more bright and breezy Pop vocal to this track, ironically as it is about rain! The Saxophone makes it a smooth ride and the soulful vocals merging with the backing track effortlessly give it more depth

This song features vocalist Anna Konstantopoulos accompanied by saxophonist John Lewis. The rhythm section is comprised of Tony Song (guitar), Mark Rickey (piano), Marty Honda (bass), Poh Soon Teng (drums) and Jenny Ball (latin percussion).

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