Called To The Sea


This Bossa Nova ballad explores the allure of open waters. The salty air and hypnotic crashing waves have long called many to this unique environment. This song reflects the beauty of our natural surroundings and the experience of being “Called To The Sea”.

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Oshra Sedan again takes the vocal lead and this time drops the tone down to a more moodier level.  It has an almost Folk vibe running through with the strings giving just that little bit of eerie ambience.  The song teases often that the mood will lift to a brighter tone but just keeps itself in check to a steady melancholic feel. A nice, soulful track suiting Oshra’s vocals perfectly.

“Called To The Sea” features vocalist Oshra Sedan accompanied by violinist Matthew Szemela.  The rhythm section is comprised of Tony Song (guitar), Mark Rickey (piano), Marty Honda (bass) and Poh Soon Teng (drums).

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