For Your Consideration, 63rd GRAMMY Awards: “The Bossa Nova” from 510JAZZ

510JAZZ's new album "The Bossa Nova" releases on July 24, 2020

For Your Consideration
510JAZZ’s newest album “The Bossa Nova” has been entered into the 63rd GRAMMY Awards.  Our album has been entered into six categories.

We’d appreciate it if you would listen to our songs and consider us when you vote on September 30.

Here are the categories where you will find our music:
GRAMMY Category                                          Title/Artist
Album Of The Year                                             The Bossa Nova 
Song Of The Year                                                 Hummingbird Of Springtime
Best New Artist                                                    510JAZZ
Best Improvised Jazz Solo                               Back Home
Best Latin Jazz Album                                       The Bossa Nova
Producer Of The Year, Non-Classical         David Vargas

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About Our New Album

“The Bossa Nova” features vocalists Oshra Sedan, Anna Konstantopoulos, Maya Victoria and Matt Blaque along with rapper D-Varg. Featured soloists are Matthew Szemela (violin), Stan Muncy (vibes), Tom Povse (flute) and John Lewis (tenor sax). The rhythm section is comprised of Tony Song (guitar), Mark Rickey (piano), Marty Honda (bass), Poh Soon Teng (drums) and Jenny Ball (latin percussion).

All songs were composed by John Vargas and David Vargas

All songs were produced and engineered by David Vargas with executive producer John Vargas. This musical undertaking was brought to life at 4Play Studios in Fremont, CA.  Mastering by Grammy-nominated engineer Shawn Hatfield at Audible Oddities, San Francisco, CA.

Music Review

Andrew Goodwin of NEW MUSIC EAR provides an excellent music review of all seven songs in our new album “The Bossa Nova”.

Here is an excerpt…
HUMMINGBIRD OF SPRINGTIME (Featuring Oshra Sedan) – The opening track of the third album following 2018’s “January 16” is a beautiful, mellow ballad. Oshra Sedan’s vocals are lush and pure and lift the seasonal Spring feeling to even bigger heights. The strings give an almost bird song melody, which is perfect as the song is about a visiting Hummingbird to a garden. The rhythm is nice and slightly upbeat, giving an almost Ska or Reggae hint on the Jazz feel.

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Check out videos from each of our musicians as they talk about Bossa Nova music.

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