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Bossa510 - from 510JAZZ
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This album is the result of combining 60s era Brazilian Bossa Nova – and a new wave of Bay Area Jazz. The result is Bossa from the East Bay – “Bossa510”.

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Featured Musicians

On our debut album, our rhythm section features Mark Rickey (piano), Tony Song (guitar), Ed Lee (guitar), Ravi Jayasinghe (bass), Sam Brignon (drums), Chris Koraltan (drums) and David Stockman (congas).

Our horn section features Tom Povse (flute), Esther Berndt (alto sax) and Randy Merrill (trumpet and flugelhorn).

“Bossa510” also features a rich variety of vocal talent including John Vargas, D-Varg, Nikki Rey, Oshra Sedan, Jamillions,.

Featured Song Videos

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